VolcanoTectonics Network
GFZ Potsdam







  Group members

  PD. Dr. Thomas R. WALTER    
(Head of the Group)
ERC consolidator
Expertise: Volcano physics and geodesy

Jacqueline Salzer   
(Postdoc, since July 2017)
Expertise: Volcano deformation monitoring with cameras
ERC consolidator project VOLCAPSE

Mehdi Nikkhoo 
(PhD candidate, since Nov 2011)
Expertise: Volcano deformation modelling
ERC consolidator project VOLCAPSE

Francesco Maccaferri   
(Postdoc, since Jan 2016)
Volcano modelling, stress interactions).
EPOS funds

Tanja WITT
(PhD candidate, since 2013)
Expertise: Volcano camera monitoring
in the framework of the FUTUREVOLC project

Ayleen GAETE   
(PhD candidate, since 2014)
Expertise: Volcano-earthquake interactions
DAAD funded project

Herlan DARMAVAN   
(PhD candidate, since 2014)
Expertise: Volcano topography changes observed by photogrammetry methods
DAAD funded project

Edgar ZORN   
(PhD candidate since Sep 2017)
Expertise: Growth and destabilization of lava domes in complex environment.
ERC funds

Nicole RICHTER  
(PhD candidate, since 2012)
Expertise: Volcano couplings: Lascar volcano, Chile
HGF Alliance
EDA project

Masoud Allahbakhshi   
(Scientific Assistant, since Sep 2015)
Expertise: Geysir deformation fields observed and modelled.
ERC funds

Daniel MUELLER  
(assistant, since 2016)
Expertise: Structure from motion, computer vision

Rene MANIA  
(MSc candidate, since 6/2017)
Topic: Bezymianny eruption 2016-17

Former postdoc members:

Dr. Eoghan HOLOHAN 
(Post-doc, Jan 2010 - Dec 2015)
Expertise: Volcanology and caldera modelling
. Now Full Professor at Fault Analysis Group, UCD Dublin.

Dr. Elske de Zeeuw-van Dalfsen 
(Post-doc, Jan 2010 - Aug 2015)
Expertise: Volcanology and caldera modelling

Dr. Henriette SUDHAUS   
(Post-doc, April 2010 - Oct 2014)
Expertise: InSAR and Earthquake modelling at University Potsdam and GFZ in EDA. Now Emmy Noether Research Group Leader at University Kiel.

Manoochehr SHIRZAEI
(Postdoc until Oct 2012)
Worked on InSAR time series and time dependent modelling. Now Post-doc at ASU, USA

Mahdi MOTAGH (until in Nov 2009)
Worked on magmatic and tectonic InSAR signals acquired over Chile, Bolivia, Turkey and Iran.
Now employed at Department 1 at GFZ

Former PhD students:

Jacqueline Salzer (defense in July 2017) 
in Remote sensing
Expertise: Volcano deformation monitoring at Colima and Mount S. Helens
Now postdoc in ERC consolidator project VOLCAPSE

(defense in Nov 2009)
Geophysics, University Potsdam
Theme: "Stress and strain field at volcanoes under consideration of material heterogeneities".
Now Lecturer at ETH Zurich, CH

Manoochehr SHIRZAEI

(PhD Defense in Jan 2012)
Geophysics, University Potsdam
Theme: "Crustal deformation source monitoring using advanced InSAR time series and time dependent inverse modelling"
Now Ass. Prof. at ASU, USA

Joel RUCH (defense in May 2010)
Geophysics, University Potsdam
Theme: "Volcano deformation analysis at the Lazufre volcanic area (central Andes) using geodetic and geologic observations"
Now employed at KAUST, Saudi Arabia

Hannes BATHKE (defense ins April 2014)
Geophysics, University Potsdam
Theme: "An investigation of complex deformation patterns detected by using InSAR at Llaima and Tendürek volcanoes"
Now employed at KAUST, Saudi Arabia

(Defense July 2014)
Geophysics, University Potsdam
Theme: "The 26 May 2006 yogyakarta earthquake, aftershocks and interactions"
Now employed
at UGM, Indonesia

(Defense February 2014)
Geophysics, University Potsdam
Theme "
Landslide kinematics and interactions studied in central Georgia by using synthetic aperture radar interferometry, optical imagery and inverse modeling"
Now employed
at  IAASARS, Greece

Michele PANTALEO  
(Defense February 2014)
University Potsdam
Theme "Geothermal and deformation activity observed at volcanoes by using high resolution mapping"
Now employed at University of Milan

Former MSc/Bsc students:

(BSc candidate until 7/2017)
Topic: Deposit thickness and deformation comparison at Soufriere Hills, Montserrat

Daniel MUELLER  
(Msc in 2016)
Expertise: Holuhraun eruption structures mapped by UAV

(BSc candidate, since 2015)
: Close range photogrammetry at Laki

Judith LEVY
(Diploma candidate, since 2013)
: Lava loading on Fogo volcano by TSX- InSAR

Edgar Zorn (Defense 2014)
Ash encounters PV modules
Geology, University Potsdam
Now in New Zealand.

Kathleen WIENCKE (Defense Sept 2013)
Mathematician, University Potsdam
Theme: "A bayesian mixed model for InSAR time series analysis"

(defense in Jun 2010)
University Freiberg
Theme: "Topographic controls on fluid paths: a numerical simulation for Gran Cratere, Vulcano Island, Italy". Now back at GFZ (section 5.1)

Hannes BATHKE (defense in Jan 2010)
Geophysics, University Potsdam
Theme: "A synthetic aperture radar interferometry (InSAR) study at Llaima volcano, Chile". Then conducting a PhD at the VolcanoTectonics group. Now postdoc at KAUST.

Christoph BACH (defense in Jan 2010)
Geophysics, University Potsdam
Theme: "Sub-millimeter displacement measurements: creepmeter instrumentation and first results in the central Andean forearc". Now conducting a PhD at the GFZ, section 2.1. within  at PROGRESS.

Katja MÜLLER (defense in Nov 2008)
Geography, University Jena
Theme: "Elongated caldera structures in Iceland investigated through remote sensing and laboratory models - can they be used as strain markers?". Now in New Zealand.

Sebastian MUENN (defense in Oct 2004)
Geology, University Kiel and IFM-Geomar Kiel, Germany
Theme: "Structural analysis of gravity driven deformations on El Hierro"

Guests (with >4 week stay):

Bettina SCHULZE (Jun 2011-Dez 2011)  

Theme: "Satellite Geodesy
at Chilean volcanoes"

Astrid Hartmann (Nov 2009 -Jan 2010)
Theme "Infrared imaging and GeoInformatics applied to Vulcano Island, Italy"

Mahasa Roostaei (Jul-Aug 2009)
Tehran University, Iran

Theme "the relationship of the 25/3/2006 Fin Earthquake (Iran) with pre- and postseismic deformation activity in the southern Zagros Mountain Belt"

Valentina MAGNI (Jul-Sept 2008)
Rome, Italy, working group
Dr. M. Battaglia
Theme "Long Valley Caldera geodetic data analysed through Comsol heterogeneous finite element models"

Giovanni ZENI (May-Jun 2008)
University of Basilicata, Italy,
working group Dr. R. Lanari
Theme "SBAS-InSAR data analysis and modelling at large volcanic systems: Azufre and Campi Flegrei"

Andrea WITTEK (Mar-Apr 2008)
Theme "Analogue experiments on caldera formation" together with Steffi Burchardt

Amalia BONANNO (Nov-Dec 2007)
INGV Catania,
working group Dr. G. Puglisi
Theme "Poly3d models and stress field calculation during the Mount Etna 1998 eruption"

Veronika BIERBAUM (May - Dec 2007)
University Freiburg
Theme "Bubbles in Magma"

Teodoro CASSOLA (Aug - Oct 2007)
University Roma, working group Dr. M. Battaglia
"Finite element modelling of the Friuli 1976 earthquake and Coulomb Stress Changes"

Silke EGGERT (Jun 2006 - Jul 2007)
University Tübingen
Theme: "Statistics on Volcano-Earthquake catalogues"

Baptiste SCHOLLY (July - Sept 2007)
University Strasbourg
Theme: "Caldera experiments using pixel cross correlation technique".

Steffi BURCHARDT (July 2007, Apr 2008)
University Göttingen, working group Dr. A. Gudmundsson
Theme: "Caldera experiments using pixel cross correlation technique".

Nicolas LECORVEC (2006-2008)
Clermont Ferrand, working group Dr. B. v. Wyk de Vries
Theme "Analog models on the coupling of intrusions and flanks spreading"

Celine DUMAIS (Mar 2007)
Laboratoires Magmas et Volcans
Clermont Ferrand, France, working group Dr. B. v. Wyk de Vries
theme: "experimental dike intrusion analysed with pixel correlation PIV"

Marc-Antoine LONGPRÉ (Mar 2007)
Dept. of Geology
Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, working group Dr. V. R. Troll
theme: "landslide induced unloading: petrological data analysis and development of finite element models"

Eoghan HOLOHAN (Mar 2006)
Geologist, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, working group Dr. V. R. Troll
theme: "boundary element modelling of caldera faulting"

Manuel QUEISSER (Feb-Mar 2006)
FU Berlin, Germany
theme: "matlab statistics of volcano - earthquake catalogues"

Lionel DUCHOISELLE (Jan-Feb 2006)
Geophysist, IPGP, France
theme: "Andean volcanism"

Sebastian MUENN (Dec 2005)
Geologist, Geomar Kiel, Germany
theme: "rift zone evolution on ocean islands"


last updated: 4.7.2017