This is the volcano-tectonics team

apl. Prof. Dr. Thomas R. WALTER (Head of the Group)

Volcanology - Structural Geology - Geophysical Remote Sensing

Head of the volcano-tectonics and -hazards workgroup,
Head of the ERC groups Volcapse and RottnRock
Principal investigator of national and international projects
Professor (apl.) at University Potsdam 

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Ai Lun  

Geologist, PhD candidate since Mai 2021, CSC funded

Thesis topic: Volcano crater formation and morphology changes 

Methods: Drone and satellite stereo image analysis, Geoinformatics, Analog modelling using extrusion models 

Ben deJarnatt

Geologist, PhD candidate since January 2023

Thesis topic: Volcano instability and deformation caused by hydrothermal activity

Methods: Drone photogrammetry, hyperspectral imaging, Volcano alteration and instability changes, Schmidt Hammering


Maria Hurley

Geologist, PhD candidate since October 2023, DAAD funded

Thesis topic: Volcano dike and fault complexities at topographic highs

Methods: Photogrammetry, structural geology, modelling


Gao Guosheng

Remote sensing, PhD candidate since January 2023, CSC funded

Thesis topic: Spectral analysis of volcano alteration and effects

Methods: Multispectral and hyperspectral image analysis, Google Earth Engine 

Dr. Daniel MUELLER   

Remote Sensing, Postdoc since January 2024 in the Multi-Marex project

Methods: Structure from motion, computer vision, geothermal surface expressions and structures.


Dr. Alina Shevchenko   

Photogrammetry, Postdoc, since 8/2022 as a GFZ discovery fellow (sec 1.4)

Expertise: Volcano geomorphology, photogrammetry, instability in glaciated terrain 


Masoud Allahbakhshi    

Geodesy, PhD candidate since Sep 2015

since 2019 also in R&D team of 1000hands

Expertise: Geysir deformation fields observed and modelled.


Rene Mania

Remote Sensing, PhD candidate 6/2017 and

since 2020 also at Airbus Defence and Space

Expertise: Volcano Deformations analysed by InSAR in Kamchatka


Alea Joachim

Geophysics, PhD candidate since 1/2024 

Expertise: Volcano Tremor and Lava Lake coupling

Pouria Marzban

Remote Sensing, PhD candidate since 2018

Expertise: Volcano alterations by remote sensing

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the hall of fame - alumni list phD&Postdoc

Daniel Müller - PhD 2016-22, now Postdoc

Edgar Zorn - PhD 2017-21, Postdoc, now at LMU Munich

Jackie Salzer  - PhD 2014-17, Postdoc 2017-18, now at SkyGeo

Mehdi Nikkhoo - PhD 2011-16, Postdoc, now Humboldt fellow

Franzesco Maccaferri - Postdoc 2016-17, now at INGV

Tanja Witt - PhD 2013-17, Postdoc, now at  IABG Grafik

Ayleen Gaete - PhD 2014-18, Postdoc, now at OVDAS

Herlan Darmawan - PhD 2014-18, now at UGM

Nicole Richter - PhD 2012-15, Postdoc, now at RWTH

Eoghan Holohan - Postdoc 2010-15, now UCD Dublin

Elske de Zeeuw-van Dalfsen - Postdoc 2010-15, now at TUDelft

Henriette Sudhaus - Postdoc 2010-14, now at Kiel

Ade Anggraini - PhD 2010-2014 now at UGM Yogyakarta

Michele Pantaleo - PhD 2014, now at PANGEA

Elena Nikolaeva - PhD 2014, now at EUMETSAT

Hannes Bathke - PhD 2014, now at SkyGeo

Manoo Shirzaei - PhD, Postdoc till 2012, now at Virginia Tech

Nicolas Lecorvec - Postdoc 2006-08

Joel Ruch - PhD 2010, now at UNIGE

Andrea Manconi - PhD 2006-09, Now at ETH Zurich

Join the team

Write a brief description of what you're looking for and in which volcano-tectonic field you would like to get involved.